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Live Ledge #3!7: New Releases

I've stated numerous times throughout 2017 that it was a very strong year for music? Can 2018 duplicate that level of quality?

It's probably too early to tell. Even though tonight's show is the first new release episode of the year, the vast majority of tracks are from November and December 2017 releases. Yet there is some hints that this will be a fabulous year. Buffalo Tom is back with their first album in many years, and Guided By Voices are already set to dupliace their 2017 success. My highlight is the January 27 release of a double album by my friend Rich Show. A veteran of many Sioux Falls bands, Different Folk Records backed an expansive project that saw Show redo songs from his entire career.

As always, grab this via the usual online sources. A word of warning, though. There's an sudden, unplanned end to this show mid-song as the broadcasting program froze. Yes, it's kind of embarrassing, but shit happens during live broadcasts. If you don't utilize S…

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